Stop the Stoop

Today's Agenda | Day 2 | Stop the Stoop

Today we get into the meat of the subject with your first tutorial - Stop the Stoop.  In the video presentation I discuss:

  • Unsafe movements that can lead to vertebral fractures if you have osteoporosis or low bone density.
  • How your bone mass changes over time.
  • Why people get fractures in their mid-back area
  • The activities and movements should you modify to reduce your chance of a fracture.

I have also prepared an extra article for you to review on Bone Quality. This is an important concept you should understand. The article is at the bottom of this page.



Tomorrow's Agenda

Tomorrow's agenda will be the Key Principles of a Strength Training Program for Bone Building. See you then!


Today's Suggested Reading

Read: Bone Quality and Osteoporosis