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exercise for osteoporosis 3What are the best osteoporosis exercises? Is exercise for osteoporosis patients different than exercise for the general population? What type of strength training osteoporosis exercises should I incorporate into my program? Do I have a specific osteoporosis exercise prescription, osteoporosis exercise guidelines or osteoporosis exercise plan for people who visit my Physiotherapy clinic?

Osteoporosis patients frequently ask me these questions. I start each osteoporosis patient with a detailed assessment and then give an osteoporosis exercise prescription appropriate to their individual needs.

A lot of my time is spent educating patients on the best osteoporosis exercises for them, the specific osteoporosis exercise guidelines they should follow, what they need to know to strengthen their bones, improve their balance, and reduce their risk of fracture. I explain to them what is happening to their bones, and what exercises and activities they need to avoid or modify.

My objective is to build their confidence and show them how to maintain their independent lifestyle.

However, I find that unless the patient has access to videos or printed material, they do not retain all that I share with them. I started the online service, MelioGuide, four years ago to address this need.

The MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program combines online tutorials on bone health, online video demonstrations of the exercises, and a printed manual with the details on each exercise.

Each of my patients at Function to Fitness Physiotherapy follows the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program.  I hope that you can join them!

One Size Does Not Fit All

exercise for osteoporosis 1Each client I deal with has unique needs. Some people are more active than others. Their fracture risk varies widely.

It is impossible to create one program that meets the needs of all clients. One size does not fit all when it comes to exercise for osteoporosis.

The MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program that each client is prescribed is unique to their Exercise Activity Level and their Fracture Risk Category.

There are four exercise program levels – Beginner, Active, Athletic and Elite – based on the client’s activity level and three fracture risk categories – Low, Moderate and High.

The first thing you will do once you purchase the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program is take my online assessment questionnaire to determine the Program best for you – based on your medical history, fracture risk category and activity level.

You will start with the recommended Program level and your can move between levels over time.

Osteoporosis Exercises are More Than Weight Bearing Exercises

exercise for osteoporosis 2When someone is diagnosed with osteoporosis the most common exercise advice they receive is “do weight bearing exercises.”  And that is it!

Your MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones osteoporosis exercise program will be more comprehensive than the general advice you will receive. It will be specific to you. Your program has been designed to strengthen your bones, reduce your fracture risk and build your confidence.

The MelioGuide Program involves more than just weight bearing exercises. There are strength, balance and flexibility exercises designed to reduce your risk of a fall and fracture. There are weight-bearing exercises – appropriate for your activity level – that will help you strengthen your bones.

Plus your Program will include information on exercises you should avoid if you have osteoporosis, daily activities, osteoporosis exercise equipment, yoga for osteoporosis, and tai chi for osteoporosis.

You do not need to go to a gym. The MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program is designed for you to do in the comfort of your home with the minimum of equipment. However, if you still want to go to the gym, I have a series of recommended modifications to popular gym exercises.

Most important, your Program is designed to be fun and engaging.