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The MelioGuide Building Better Bones is a very well rounded course. Excellent theoretical and practical combination. The course manual is very useful and thorough. Definitely recommending this course to my professional colleagues.


Jeanne Wong, Physiotherapist
Montreal, Quebec

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Postural Exercises and Osteoporosis

A Physical Therapist in Massachusetts, who recently completed the online Building Better Bones Continuing Education course for Physical Therapists, contacted me and asked for studies that demonstrated the effectiveness of postural exercises on decreasing kyphosis.

She wanted to access the data so that she could show her clients that they were following the right program and that there are benefits of a postural exercise program. [...] Read this article

What’s Wrong With Today’s Approach to Osteoporosis Treatment?

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Kent MacLeod, Clinical Pharmacist and owner of NutriChem Compounding Phramacy and Clinic, about issues related to osteoporosis treatment and prevention. My video of our discussion is below. [...] Read this article

Consider Nordic Walking for Your Clients

Several years ago at the World Physiotherapy Conference in Vancouver, I was approached by a Physiotherapist who was very excited about Nordic Walking. She had recently introduced Nordic Walking and Urban Poling to her clients in the Vancouver area. She thought that this was the greatest thing for her clients. After that meeting, I took a continuing education course for Physical Therapists on Urban Poling.

Today I want to share with you my excitement about Nordic Walking and talk about why you should consider introducing Nordic Walking to your clients. [...] Read this article

Choose a Burst Resistant Physio Ball for Osteoporosis Exercises

The MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program offers different exercise programs for people at different activity levels and fracture risk. A single one-size-fits-all osteoporosis exercise program with weight bearing exercises will not meet the needs of a large and diverse group of people.

As a result, I incorporate physio (or exercise) ball exercises into the advanced osteoporosis exercise levels in the MelioGuide program. These exercises are specifically targeted improving balance. [...] Read this article

Are Neck Exercises Safe for People with Osteoporosis?

A fitness professional (she is a Pilates, dance and aerobics instructor at a gym) recently contacted me with a question regarding neck exercises, neck stretches and osteoporosis. She was specifically interested neck flexibility exercises, the cervical spine, and neck flexion in clients with osteoporosis. [...] Read this article.

Osteoporosis Back Exercise – Bridging with Weight on Pelvis

The Bridging with Weight on Pelvis is one of the osteoporosis back exercises in the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program. It is part of the Active Level Osteoporosis Exercise Program. [...] Read this article.

AHPDF Funds Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Continuing Education

The AHPDF provides financial support for Ontario Physiotherapists (Physical Therapists) and Occupational Therapists who want to further their professional development through continuing education courses and programs. Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists are able to apply for up to $1,500 in financial support for continuing education courses and programs that they complete. [...] Read this article.

3 Tips to Consider with Your Weighted Vest

Weighted vests are popular with people who want to incorporate weight bearing exercises into their osteoporosis exercise program. Since publishing my written and video reviews of 5 weighted vests, I have received questions on the specific use of the vests.

Some people find weighted vests uncomfortable and can cause discomfort when used during their weight bearing exercises. Recently, a reader contact me about shoulder pain she experienced when using her weighted vest while walking and asked me for some suggestions on how to deal with the pain. [...] Read this article.

College of Physiotherapists of Ontario Award Ceremony

I had the pleasure of attending the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario award ceremony on June 13, 2011. The event took place at the University Club in Toronto. [...] Read this article.

Will the Power Plate Alone Increase Bone Density?

I recently wrote an article on Whole Body Vibration (WBV) platforms. Recent research indicates that using a Whole Body Vibration will not increase the density or quality of your bone.

Shortly after I wrote my article, several readers asked me if using a product called the Power Plate Vibrating Plate would be an effective way to build bone. [...] Read this article.

California Physical Therapy Association Approves MelioGuide Building Better Bones for CEUs

The MelioGuide Building Better Bones online course has been approved by the California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) for 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Building Better Bones is a continuing education course for Physical Therapists. [...] Read this article.

Video Review of 5 Weighted Vests for Osteoporosis

After I posted my review of weighted vests for osteoporosis, I had a number of questions regarding the different vests. With the help of two of my clients we address these questions.  This is the video review of the all of the vests that we tried. [...] Read this article.

An Alternative to Senior Fitness Chair Sit and Reach Test?

I was recently contacted by a Physiotherapist who completed my MelioGuide Building Better Bones course on osteoporosis prevention, treatment and management.  She asked if I could suggest an alternative to the Sit and Reach Test in the Senior Fitness Test. This article is a part of my Physical Therapist and Physiotherapist Continuing Education series for Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy Assistants and Physical Therapy Assistants. [...] Read this article.

How Exercise Affects Your Bone Composition

New research indicates that the frequency of exercise can affect whether or not stem cells, located in your bone marrow, become bone cells or fat cells. This means that if you exercise frequently you can positively affect the quality, density and strength of your bones. [...] Read this article.

Can Exercise Rebuild Bone After Breast Cancer?

Many women (and even some Health Professionals) believe that bone lost from breast cancer treatment cannot be recovered. However, a recent study should (hopefully) change that belief.

The study found that women who participated in an exercise program one year after their radiation treatment demonstrated considerably better bone health than women who did not. [...] Read this article.

Weighted Vests for Osteoporosis Exercise

Weighted vests are an excellent supplement to an osteoporosis exercise program. A number of my clients use them to add extra weight to their body as they do their weight bearing exercises. This article is a follow up to a blog article I wrote several months ago on the benefits of weighted vests. [...] Read this article.

Is Walking Good Enough to Build Bone?

Walking is an excellent exercise and is easily accessible to most people. But is it good enough to build bones?  Should it be part of your osteoporosis exercise program? [...] Read this article.

Is Your Neck Pain Caused by Your Osteoporosis?

I have had a number of my clients ask me if their neck pain is the result of their osteoporosis. When I probe them further for more information, they tell me that their Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test results measured the bone density of their neck. [...] Read this article.

Florida Physical Therapy Association Approves MelioGuide Building Better Bones for Continuing Education Hours

The MelioGuide Building Better Bones online course has been approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA) for 15 continuing education hours. Building Better Bones is a continuing education course for Physical Therapists. [...] Read this article.

Ontario Kinesiology Association Approves MelioGuide Building Better Bones Online Course

The Ontario Kinesiology Association has approved the MelioGuide Building Better Bones online course for 15 Primary OKA CESP (Continuing Education Standards Program) points.[...] Read this article.

Bisphosphonates and the Risk of Femoral Shaft Fractures

A study was just recently released in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on prolonged bisphosphonate therapy and the increased risk of femoral shaft fractures in older women. Treatment for five years or longer was associated with an increased risk of femoral shaft fracture. In the following video, I discuss this study and its implications for you. [...] Read this article.

Osteoporosis Exercises With Free Weights

If you are looking to incorporate osteoporosis exercises with free weights into your program, you should consider the Row With Support. It is one of the strength exercises in the Active level of my osteoporosis exercise program, MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program. This exercise also promotes weight bearing through the wrists. [...] Read this article.

Is Whole Body Vibration an Effective Osteoporosis Treatment Option?

Is whole body vibration (WBV) an effective osteoporosis treatment option? Does whole body vibration build bone?

WBV machines from companies such as Juvent and WAVE can get quite pricey – they can range in price between $2,000 and $10,000. Are they worth the price?

A study review that was conducted in 2009 and several new research studies shed some light into the effectiveness of whole body vibration for people with low bone mineral density and osteoporosis. [...] Read this article.

Activity of Daily Living - Safe Snow Shoveling

When you live in certain climates, shoveling snow is an activity of daily living (ADL) we all have learned to accept. But are there things that you should do, and positions and movements you should modify if you have osteoporosis and have to face the snow fall in your driveway?

The answer is yes. In this video, I demonstrate how not to shovel snow and what changes you should make to your shoveling style to make this activity of daily living a safer one. [...] Read this article.

Balance Exercise for Seniors - Single Leg Stance

The Single Leg Stance is a balance exercise for seniors and people of all ages. It is one of the balance exercises in my osteoporosis exercise program, MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program. [...] Read this article.

Can You Take Too Many Osteoporosis Supplements?

Supplements such as calcium, fish oils and Vitamin D, can play an important role in your health plan. But, is it possible to take too many osteoporosis supplements, especially osteoporosis calcium supplements, and increase your health risks?

I was working with a very motivated client and was surprised when I reviewed her intake of osteoporosis medications and supplements. [...] Read this article.

When and What You Eat Can Affect Your Recovery from Exercise

If you are following an exercise for osteoporosis program, should you be also concerned about your diet for osteoporosis? Will when you eat affect your success with your exercise program?

I was recently contacted by Judith (not her real name)  - a subscriber who is following the online MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones program. She was pleased with her progress but was encountering a few challenges. Here is what Judith asked me. What follows is my advice. [...] Read this article.

Is the Total Gym Appropriate for Osteoporosis Exercises?

A reader of this blog recently asked me the following question related to osteoporosis exercise equipment, exercise for osteoporosis at home,  and specifically a popular piece of workout gear called the Total Gym:
“I am considering buying the Total Gym for my home. Do you think that it will give me the range of exercises to assist me in battling osteoporosis?” Good question. I like the Total Gym – but I do not love it. [...] Read this article.

Make Your Lat Pull Downs Safer

The Lat pull down can be an effective weight training exercise for osteoporosis. However, It requires careful attention and modification to ensure that it is safe for people with osteoporosis. In the following video, Margaret Martin, a Physical Therapist, presents safe versions of the wide grip and reverse grip lat pull downs and how to modify the lat pull down so it is a safe exercise for osteoporosis. [...] Read this article.

Why the Standing Bicep Curl is a Safer Osteoporosis Exercise

The standing bicep curl is a safer weight training osteoporosis exercise alternative to the preacher curl. The preacher curl encourages a flexed position and should be avoided. The standing biceps curl is a better exercise for osteoporosis. [...] Read this article.

Is the Rowing Machine a Weight Bearing Exercise?

The rowing machine is not as popular as it used to be. I remember seeing people work out on the rowing machine in preparation for competitive racing. But I consider it to be great weight bearing exercise for osteoporosis. However, when you position yourself and start using the machine you need to make sure your postural alignment is correct. These simple rules will make this exercise for osteoporosis a key part of your exercise program. I demonstrate the guidelines in this video. [...] Read this article.

How to Perform a Safe Leg Press Osteoporosis Exercise

The leg press is a effective alternative to the squat. I would classify it as a weight training osteoporosis exercise. One of the challenges with the leg press for women is the design of the seat. Many women find themselves leaning forward when the apply the press. This is not good form and needs to [...] Read this article.

How to Perform a Tricep Cable Pulldown Weight Training Osteoporosis Exercise

The tricep cable pull down is an excellent weight training osteoporosis exercise. Many people use it as an alternative to the tricep extension exercise on the floor or ball. However, caution is advised for people with osteoporosis since the additional load and technique can lead to poor alignment, a flexed posture and the increased risk [...] Read this article.

A Safer Elliptical Trainer Weight Bearing Exercise

The Elliptical Trainer machine is a great weight bearing exercise for osteoporosis. However, there are several guidelines that you should follow to make sure that your postural alignment is correct. These simple rules will make this exercise for osteoporosis a key part of your exercise program. [...] Read this article.

How to Perform a Safe Chest Press Osteoporosis Exercise

The chest press is a weight training osteoporosis exercise that is an effective alternative to the traditional push up. However, when it is done improperly (and the many times I see it in my local gym, I do see it done incorrectly) it can place your spine in a flexed position. [...] Read this article.

Make Free Weight Training for Osteoporosis Safer

Free weights can be a very effective part of any weight training osteoporosis exercise program. However, you need to be careful handling your free weights since they can cause an imbalance and encourage flexion or forward leaning. This can frequently occur near the end of your workout when you are fatigued. [...] Read this article.

8 Gym Exercises for Osteoporosis

Many gym exercises for osteoporosis are excellent for building bone strength, improving balance and strengthening muscle. A well designed gym osteoporosis exercise program incorporates weight bearing exercises and strength training for osteoporosis. However, certain osteoporosis exercises, when done improperly, can increase your risk of fracture. [...] Read this article.

A Human Anatomy Tool I Plan to Use

Google recently made available the Google Body Browser – a human anatomy viewer that allows you to examine the different systems of the human body (muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, major organs) in amazing 3D detail. It even supports a search box so you can look up different body parts and zoom in on the detail. [...] Read this article.

Exercise for Women With Osteoporosis - Age is Not a Barrier

Should you modify an exercise program for a woman based on her age? As a woman gets older, should you expect her to make less progress and achieve smaller increments than a younger woman? Should a woman with osteoporosis follow an exercise program? Should she modify her program? Will she see the same exercise results and progress as a younger woman?

A new study published in this month’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (1) has demonstrated that healthy women who have not had prior training can exercise safely and improve their heart and muscle strength at any age. [...] Read this article.

Are Calcium Supplements Safe for People with Osteoporosis?

Should you use calcium supplements to build stronger bones? A recent medical meta-analysis (where researchers do an exhaustive search of the medical and scientific literature and base conclusions on what the highest quality studies collectively demonstrate) published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) indicates that calcium supplements (without taking vitamin D) can potentially increase your risk of a heart attack. The increased risk was independent of age, sex, and type of supplement. [...] Read this article.

Tai Chi for Osteoporosis

The practice of Tai Chi can play an important role in your overall health. Although it has not been shown that Tai Chi can lead to stronger bones, it can still be part of an effective exercise program for people with osteoporosis or low bone density. It can improve your strength, balance and body awareness – all important ingredients to a fall reduction strategy.

Some of the challenges with Tai Chi are: getting started, learning the basics and pushing through the initial learning curve. To address these challenges, I have prepared a video demonstration of a basic foundation Tai Chi program comprised of 8 moves. I call the video: Tai Chi for Osteoporosis – 8 Steps to Bone Health. Take a look. Give it a try! [...] Read this article.

Bone Quality and Osteoporosis

The stronger your bones, the greater their ability to withstand fracture. Given the importance of bone strength, what is the best way to measure it? What are the major determinants of bone strength? What is recent research telling us about what you can do to improve the strength of your bones?

For many years, the density of your bones, as measured by a Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test or Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA), has been assigned a significant amount of weight by medical professionals when they diagnose the health of your bones and determine whether you have osteoporosis or not. The diagnosis is frequently used to estimate your risk of fracture, select your best treatment options and determine whether you should take medication.

However, recent research is indicating that the DXA test is not as reliable a measure of bone strength as originally thought. [...]  Read this article.

Bone Architecture and Its Relevance to Bone Quality

Scientists can now look at the microarchitecture of bone through the use of High Resolution peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (HR-pQCT). This allows researchers to study the quality of bone structure at the micro level and, hopefully, understand what activities promote improved bone quality and are effective strategies for osteoporosis prevention and treatment.
Two recent studies provide more insight into trabecular architecture as well as the mechanical behavior and fragility of bone. In the following sections, I provide a summary of each of these two studies. [...] Read this article.

Suggested Protein Shakes from Kent MacLeod

After I wrote my blog post “Dietary Protein and Your Bone Health“, I received several comments and a request for some protein shake recipes. At NutriChem we have spent quite a bit of time sourcing a supplier for our own NutriChem Logical Choice Whey. The whey we have, I believe, has a particularly good dispersibility and a mild flavour. We have received good feedback from our customers.
Here are two recipes I particularly like. Enjoy! [...] Read this article.

When Exercise Increases Your Risk of Fracture

The wrong exercise choices can increase your risk of a fracture. This fact is not well known. When many people are told that they have osteoporosis or low bone density they are naturally concerned about their long term independence. A number of them commit themselves to an exercise program. This commitment should be encouraged. [...] Read this article.

Building Better Bones Online Continuing Education for Health Professionals

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of the online course: Building Better Bones Level 1 osteoporosis exercise and education training for health care professionals.  This is the most convenient and affordable way for Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Kinesiologists, and other health professionals to learn how to use safe and effective exercise programs to prevent, treat and manage osteoporosis and osteopenia. [...] Read this article.

What You Should Expect During a Bone Mineral Density Exam

The Central Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) examination is the friendliest of all of the various x-ray examinations and may as well be considered the safest.  This article highlights what you should expect and also the steps you should take in preparation for the examination. [...] Read this article.

What Infants Can Teach Us About Posture

One of the foundational areas in the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program – an exercise program for people with osteoporosis, osteopenia and low bone density – is posture. I emphasize good postural form with each of my clients and I make it a critical part of the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program. [...] Read the rest of this article and view the video.

Forward Lunge Exercise for Osteoporosis

The Forward Lunge is a part of my MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Active Level Strength exercise program.  This is one of the many videos that I use when you become a subscriber of the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program. In this video, I demonstrate proper technique. [...] Read this article and view video.

Dietary Protein and Your Bone Health

It is well known that calcium and vitamin D are important for bone health, but the role of protein has been controversial. When protein is metabolized in the body, acid is generated.  This acid has to be neutralized and calcium is a natural ‘buffer’.  Since an increase in dietary protein results in greater calcium loss in [...] Read this article.

The MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bone Program

For the past three years, thousands of people around the world have used the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program to help them follow a safe and effective osteoporosis exercise program that allows them to strengthen their bones, reduce their risk of fracture and build their confidence. We have just recently updated the Exercise for [...] Read this article

Weighted Vests and Exercise: Are They Worth It?

You just started a bone-healthy exercise program that incorporates all the important ingredients to address bone health. Excellent work!  You are already well ahead of the game. Most of you have either read or heard about weighted vests.  Are there any additional benefits if you use a weighted vest while exercising? [...] Read this article